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13:21 | August 8, 2018

Unbezahlte Werbung / Erwähnung von Marken

shorts: Selected Femmes / top: Zara / bag: Chanel / shoes: Balenciaga

Hey Hey Loves! How are you? So here is the first look from London, as you might know I went there for a couple of days. Unfortunately my luggage was lost again and this time it was “missed” for three days. I can promise, that was a super weird feeling. The last time I landed in Barcelona without my suitcase they could tell me it was still in Frankfurt, but last week it was just lost. Nobodys knew where my suitcase was, so I was more than happy when “we” were finally reunited haha. London was so cool, I really had a great time with Jeremy! We were able the escape the heatwave – we have 36 degrees every day in Germany, but London was between 24 and 26 degrees, so super nice for a city trip.

It was not really planned to go shopping, because I want to save some money for the Fashion Week month in September, but of course we had no other choice, because of our lost luggage. But the positive thing is, I have looooots of looks from London to show you and I hope you will like them. Also I received so many message how you should deal with a lost luggage. My advice, you have to pack super smart and be ready to survive the first 3 days with your hand luggage. Actually I had some outfits, fresh underwear, my camera plus laptop and most of my expensive belongings in there, but only enough for the first day and night and also no toiletry products. Definitely pack your toothbrush, a moisturizer and so on in your hand luggage. Otherwise you have to buy everything and you risk to fly back with overweight and you have to pay extra. That would be super shitty, because the shopping trip wasn’t your idea and the extra kilos are definitely not your fault. That is just an advise from my side and how I will handle it from now on.

After my luggage has arrived I was able to wear all my favorite things again, so this is not a look I shopped in London. But of course I hope you like it :) Have a nice day! xx Janina


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