Color on my mind

21:00 | May 24, 2018

shoes: Dior / backpack: Chanel / jumpsuit: Zara / bracelets: Dior + YSL

Hey Hey! How are you today loves? I am doing great, no really: being in Nice feels so good and I don’t wanna leave. I already feel a little bit at home haha. In fact we walked so much the past days, we even don’t need a map anymore to find the way trough the old town ;) The city inspires me a lot, the people are super nice, they have a great sense of style and everyone is really kind to us. The architecture is absolutely beautiful and I haven’t been to an “ugly” street yet. I totally love the influence of Italy here, Nice is just perfect and so underestimated! Everyone is talking about Cannes, but Nice and Monaco are so much prettier and versatile <3 But that’s just my opinion.

Today I went for a total black look wearing my latest new ins. The day we took the train to Cannes I decided to have a look at the Dior store, oh oh. I am such a huge fan and couldn’t resist. I had to buy these cute new summer flats, a style I really don’t have so far. The Chanel backpack is so practical for a day strolling trough the city. Everything fits in and it’s actually so much healthier for your back. Haha did I really said that? I hope you like this easy look. Have a nice evening <3



08:00 | May 22, 2018

top: & other Stories / skirt: & other Stories / bag: Chanel / shoes: Superga 

Good morning loves! Here is the look I wore yesterday evening for our sunset walk and dinner. The sunset was really beautiful and we found the perfect shooting location just around the corner of our apartment on the street. I can’t describe how photogenic Nice is, I am still blown away by the beauty of the Côte d’Azur… I wish you a happy new week! xx Janina



22:45 | May 21, 2018

skirt: Topshop / belt: Dior / bag: Chanel / bracelet: YSL / ring (J): Chloé / top: Zara

Hi Babes! We are back in our apartment, after an exciting day in Nice. Just strolled around, took some pictures and ended up at a flea market where I was a lucky little girl… I put my hands on this vintage Dior belt and this vintage YSL bracelet. Super cool, I love pieces with a history and another plus is their uniqueness <3

Unfortunately the weather will be rainy tomorrow, but we will take the train to Cannes anyway. Maybe this is a sign for another shopping tour haha… Oh and I have some Instagram news, I created a second account – I will share some more and different pictures there. You can find me here –> @janinapfau :)


Nice Beach

10:09 | May 21, 2018

sweater: Pull & Bear / skirt: & other Stories / shoes: Superga / bag: Chanel 

Hi Babes! We safely arrived in Nice and what can I say – it is so so beautiful. I actually can’t stop wonder. All the buildings, the nature and of course the sunsets are amazing. This is really a place where I can see myself living for a part of my life. We went to Monaco yesterday and had a fabulous time there too, I will definitely give you a proper update about Monte Carlo soon.

Right now, me and Jeremy are sitting on the couch in our Airbnb, working on our laptops. After having breakfast soon it`s time to explore Nice a little bit more :) But first, I wanted to show you some impressions of yesterdays sunset. Have a nice Monday off loves <3


Touchdown Hamburg

20:00 | May 16, 2018

shirt: C&A / skirt: Bershka / shoes: Konstantin Starke / bag: Chanel

Hi ihr Lieben. Ich kann es echt nicht fassen, wie verdammt gut das Wetter in Hamburg derzeit ist. Ohne Witz, ich glaube ich habe hier noch keinen besseren, sonnigeren Frühling erlebt, seitdem ich vor ein paar Jahren hergezogen bin. Meine Stimmung ist also tiptop! Neben der täglichen Arbeit, habe ich es auch endlich geschafft mal wieder ein paar Freunde zu treffen und Unmengen an Eis (vegan und jap, jeden Tag) zu futtern. Morgen ist es dann endlich so weit und ich sehe mein Baby Girl Anita wieder. Unser letztes Date ist ungefähr 6 Wochen her, viiiiiil zu lange.

Außerdem beschäftige ich mich grade mit dem ganzen Abmahnungsthema, unbezahlte und selbstgekaufte Posts auf Instagram als Werbung zu markieren. Wie ich mitbekommen habe, haben leider schon einige meiner Freunde und Kollegen Probleme damit. Also entweder ich höre auf die Marken auf meinen Bilder zu taggen und den Followern einen Gefallen damit tun. Dafür würde ich die Details einfach jedes Mal auf meinem Blog veröffentlichen. Oder ich muss jeden Post, obwohl ich selber Geld für mein Outfit investiert habe, als “Werbung, da Markennennung” kennzeichnen. Naja sobald ich da eine Lösung gefunden habe, sage ich euch Bescheid. Solange nutze ich keine Tags, außer bei eh schon gesponserten Posts ;) xx Janina

Hi Loves! I can’t believe how freaking good the weather is in Hamburg these days. Honestly there was no better and sunnier spring since I’ve moved here some years ago. So my mood is very very good! Next to the daily business, I finally managed to see some of my friends again. Ate lots of lots of ice cream (vegan, yum – and yes every day). Tomorrow is the big day and I am going to see my baby girl Anita again. The last date is around 6 weeks ago, wayyyy to long.

Right now I am thinking about how to deal with the struggle of marking unpaid and non-commercial (self bought) stuff on Instagram. I heard that some of my friends and colleagues already have problems with that. So maybe I will stop tagging brands on my posts and upload all the details on my blog. Or I will write something like “unpaid ad- brands are tagged” or whatever. As soon as I found a solution, I will update you. But for now, all my posts will be without brand tags, or they are sponsored ;) xx Janina