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21:00 | May 24, 2018

shoes: Dior / backpack: Chanel / jumpsuit: Zara / bracelets: Dior + YSL

Hey Hey! How are you today loves? I am doing great, no really: being in Nice feels so good and I don’t wanna leave. I already feel a little bit at home haha. In fact we walked so much the past days, we even don’t need a map anymore to find the way trough the old town ;) The city inspires me a lot, the people are super nice, they have a great sense of style and everyone is really kind to us. The architecture is absolutely beautiful and I haven’t been to an “ugly” street yet. I totally love the influence of Italy here, Nice is just perfect and so underestimated! Everyone is talking about Cannes, but Nice and Monaco are so much prettier and versatile <3 But that’s just my opinion.

Today I went for a total black look wearing my latest new ins. The day we took the train to Cannes I decided to have a look at the Dior store, oh oh. I am such a huge fan and couldn’t resist. I had to buy these cute new summer flats, a style I really don’t have so far. The Chanel backpack is so practical for a day strolling trough the city. Everything fits in and it’s actually so much healthier for your back. Haha did I really said that? I hope you like this easy look. Have a nice evening <3


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