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Balenciaga Triple S

17:52 | March 20, 2018

jacket: Mango / turtle neck: NAKD / jeans: Zara / bag: Chanel / shoes: Balenciaga

Hi Peeps! I hope you are doing well. Today is the begin of spring, so I couldn’t be more happy. I really wish, that the cold winter days are finally over now. We were super lucky in Hamburg the last two days, we had lots of sunshine. Unfortunately it was still super cold outside, with the typical freezing wind, but hey – I love the sun in my face! I was totally in the mood for my leather jacket, so I decided to go for several layers – actually two turtle necks, one slimmer one and this chunky blue one on top. It was perfect :) Oh and I wore my Balenciagas for the first time. As I told you they are a little bit to big for me, but I am so in love that I went for an extra insole and now it’s fine. Haha Anita said, well they are super ugly, but super cool at the same time. I think she is definitely right, what do you think?

Oh I totally forgot to tell you that I was in London for two days. I spent last Friday and Saturday there and celebrated the capsule collection from Reserved x Cindy Crawford. I had such a great time there – oh my, I have to go back to London during spring/summer. We had lots of snow on Saturday and I am so ready for warmer days! Which reminds me that today in 3 weeks I am off to LA – finally! I miss this place like crazy <3


Chanel Gabrielle

18:56 | March 13, 2018

trench: Mango / shoes: Isabel Marant / bag: Chanel / hat: H&M old

Hello Babes! How are you? I am pretty fine and finally back in the workout game. It feels so good to do something for my body again – after 2 1/2 lazy and sick af weeks at home. Today we started super easy with a burning booty workout, no cardio for me, because I am still struggling with my throat. I also realized that today in exactly 4 weeks I am off to Los Angeles and Palm Springs for Coachella, yay! Of course I am not as fit as I wish (I mean only 5 weeks of working out after years of doing absolutely nothing…?!), but I definitely can’t wait for summer clothes and sun. But today I am showing you an outfit from my hometown Hamburg, it’s still pretty cold so I layered lots of clothes and got inspired by France somehow. And finally my new and beloved Chanel Gabrielle Hobo bag has it’s debut on my blog – whoop. I am so so so in love, how do you like it? I wish you a happy evening. Hugs xx!



Louis Vuitton Archlight

14:09 | March 8, 2018

top: Mango / coat: Zara old / shoes: Louis Vuitton / jeans: Mango / bag: Marc Jacobs

Hello Loves and welcome back! I know I stopped blogging for such a long time, but it felt really hard to get enough shots during the winter. Another reason was, I stopped reading blogs for no reason and I don’t know why, but I stopped writing too. Haha that sounds super weird! But from now on I will try to update you 2-3 times per week again. I hope that this pace will fit into my and your lifes. To be honest the last 10 days in my life were super shitty. I got a very very bad flu and all I did was laying in my bed 24/7. My fever was so high that I was so sleepy all the time, I didn’t even watched Netflix! So good I feel already better now, not back to normal, but better. I am not sure when I will start working out again, as you may know, this is one of my latest obsessions. But I will definitely keep you updated on my stories.

Today I am wearing THE latest trend sneaker – the Archlight from Louis Vuitton. Either you love them or you hate them – nothing in between. And I am really happy I got them. It was love at first sight, so I did a little research a couple of weeks ago and found out that the release date will be the 23rd of February. I called the Louis Vuitton Customer Service and tried to get on the list for one of the first pairs. Unfortunately Hamburg wasn’t one of the locations for the first release, so I was very annoying to all of my friends in Munich haha! Because Munich is the only German store with the Archlight sneakers. The original plan was to buy them during Fashion Week in Milan or Paris, but I got the flu and stayed in Hamburg :( So I mailed the LV stores and reserved two different color ways in my size and asked my friends, if they could bring them for me. I was super lucky and I really love love love them. Right now I think it is already pretty hard to find them and the prices on eBay are crazy. I mean double the price?! Wow! So if you want to buy them too, I would recommend to call LV and ask when the next drop will be and try to put yourself on a waiting list. Or maybe you can try to find them via Instagram, there are personal shoppers or maybe you have friends in other countries and they can check the Louis Vuitton stores there. BTW I was super lucky with the Balenciaga Triple S in pink/white/black too and got them online last week. Unfortunately they run super big (I am a 37.5 usually, but could wear a 36 in them, but I bought 37), so maybe I will try to sell them again the next days! Happy day loves <3



French Touch

19:41 | November 30, 2017

dress: Uterque (shop here) / sweater: H&M (shop here) / shoes: Mango old / hat: Asos (shop here) / coat: Benetton old / bag: Lili Radu

Hi Loves, how are you these days? I am struggling a bit… the winter blues hit me hard haha. Not sure, if every winter is so dark, rainy and just uh like this year, but it makes working not possible. I can’t remember the last day we had sunshine, or let me just say daylight. It’s like someone forgot to turn on the light every day. As you know, one part of my job is taking pictures and I have no idea how to work here in Hamburg. The great news is, that Kira Bejaoui and moi are flying the Capetown next week, whoop! She has the same problems, personally and of course as a blogger, so we decided to go somewhere else <3 My first idea was Los Angeles, because I miss this place like crazy. I was there last year in December and I loved the pre-xmas time there. But unfortunately the flights were super pricy, so the second choice was Capetown! It will be our first time there and we can’t wait to fly! I shot some pictures with Anita this week, while it was super rainy. It added a little French touch, how do you like this outfit? xx Janina