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Time For Shorts

13:21 | August 8, 2018

Unbezahlte Werbung / Erwähnung von Marken

shorts: Selected Femmes / top: Zara / bag: Chanel / shoes: Balenciaga

Hey Hey Loves! How are you? So here is the first look from London, as you might know I went there for a couple of days. Unfortunately my luggage was lost again and this time it was “missed” for three days. I can promise, that was a super weird feeling. The last time I landed in Barcelona without my suitcase they could tell me it was still in Frankfurt, but last week it was just lost. Nobodys knew where my suitcase was, so I was more than happy when “we” were finally reunited haha. London was so cool, I really had a great time with Jeremy! We were able the escape the heatwave – we have 36 degrees every day in Germany, but London was between 24 and 26 degrees, so super nice for a city trip.

It was not really planned to go shopping, because I want to save some money for the Fashion Week month in September, but of course we had no other choice, because of our lost luggage. But the positive thing is, I have looooots of looks from London to show you and I hope you will like them. Also I received so many message how you should deal with a lost luggage. My advice, you have to pack super smart and be ready to survive the first 3 days with your hand luggage. Actually I had some outfits, fresh underwear, my camera plus laptop and most of my expensive belongings in there, but only enough for the first day and night and also no toiletry products. Definitely pack your toothbrush, a moisturizer and so on in your hand luggage. Otherwise you have to buy everything and you risk to fly back with overweight and you have to pay extra. That would be super shitty, because the shopping trip wasn’t your idea and the extra kilos are definitely not your fault. That is just an advise from my side and how I will handle it from now on.

After my luggage has arrived I was able to wear all my favorite things again, so this is not a look I shopped in London. But of course I hope you like it :) Have a nice day! xx Janina


Summer Whites

16:49 | July 26, 2018

Unbezahlte Werbung / Erwähnung von Marken 

top: Topshop / skirt: Storets / shoes: Louis Vuitton / bag: Chanel

Hello hello! A new day and still this crazy heat wave in Germany. Since I moved to Hamburg in 2010 to start my studies, I’ve never experienced a better and hotter summer here :) Guys we have 35 degrees and everyone is melting… me included. It’s so not easy to shoot in this heat! I don’t want to complain, I am truly a summer child, but I have to create the content for Zalando Get The Look, which means 10 outfits. So I am literally sweating my ass off haha :P

August will be the first month I am a part of this campaign and I am super excited, I created so many cool looks, and can’t wait to show you! I also ordered some new things from NAKD and I will do my first haul with them and of course pack my faves for London this weekend. The last times I went there, I never had enough time to enjoy the city, because it was only for work. This time I have also some work there, but I will definitely enjoy London too. And one thing is for sure, I will get some new piercings for my ears. I won’t tell you what I have in mind, but I am thinking about getting 3 more piercings. So don’t forget to check my Insta Story from time to time haha <3

Todays look is another one from Rome, we shot it at the Vatican and I love how bright and clean everything looks with this location. xx Janina


Vintage Fendi Coat

16:21 | July 24, 2018

Unbezahlte Werbung / Erwähnung von Marken 

coat: Fendi / dress: Stores / belt: Fendi / bag: Chanel / shoes: Balenciaga

Hey Loves! New week – new things to do. BUT let’s talk about last week first. I hab an amazing time in Rome, walked around thousands of steps every day and ate my way through Italy. Really, the food is my absolutely favorite kind. I could only eat Italian for the rest of my life <3 Jeremy and I found some super delicious spots, one of them is called “Ginger” and they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. We went there every day and were in love with every meal. Seriously you have to go there when you are in Rome. Everything is fresh and organic and super tasty.

One morning on our way to have breakfast we shot this look with my old-new Fendi coat. The Spanish Steps were still pretty empty and it wasn’t too hot, so I was able to finally wear my vintage find. It is definitely worth it to go to flea markets from time to time, I found so many pretty things lately. Besides the coat I decided to go for a full white look with a lace dress, my Balenciaga sneaker and my vintage Chanel. How do you like this look? <3

After I came back from Italy I spent the rest of the week with my whole family. My big brother had his wedding!!! And of course I went there to celebrate with him and the rest of the fam. It’s been a while since I saw all of them. Sure I celebrate Christmas with my loves, but not with everyone together. So this was very special and a super nice wedding too. I won’t share any pictures to keep the privacy of my brother and his wife. They are not very active on social media and I will definitely respect this. I loved the location, right next to a lake and the decoration was a Pinterest dream. The flower bouquets were super pretty, ugh <3 And the bride and the groom looked to cute in their outfits. I had a really great time and can’t wait to hug my family again soon! I wish you a lovely day xx Janina



17:58 | July 7, 2018

Unbezahlte Werbung / Erwähnung von Marken 

shirt: YSL / skirt: Pull & Bear old / shoes: Balenciaga / bag: Dior / belt: Chanel / bracelets: Dior

Hi Babes! I just came back from Berlin, I went there for Fashion Week. Of course it was a little bit stress again and I couldn’t make it to every show I wanted to see, but I also had lots of fun with all the lovely people. I remember last year in summer, when I spontaneously extended my stay in Berlin for some more days, because I fell in love with the city and the people. This time I had to leave on Friday, because I have to get my sh*t together at home. It is a mess, to be honest! I have my stuff from Lisbon, Berlin, Barcelona, Salzburg and Berlin again in my living room and I have to clean up, wash lots of laundry and pack again! Tomorrow morning I will leave for Rome, wohoo! I have been there once, but this is a couple of years ago and it was during winter. So I am really excited for this trip. Of course I am traveling with Jeremy again :) We are such a good team and this is something like a small test for me, because I am thinking about of hiring an assistant or intern… And so far, I love working as a team! This outfit is from Lisbon, I have still so many pictures I haven’t posted yet, so be prepared haha. Have a nice evening <3 xx Janina


Colorful Door in Lisbon

10:09 | June 30, 2018


bra: Dior / top: Zara / skirt: Girlfriend Denim / bag: Chanel / shoes: Balenciaga / bracelets: Dior

Hi Babes! How are you? I am great and finally I can manage to give you an update on my blog! I just came back from Barcelona and decided to visit my mom for three days, before I am in Berlin for Fashion Week from Monday on. So right now, I am sitting at the open kitchen at my Moms, drinking coffee and writing this blogpost.

The last days were amazing, before we started our trip to Lisbon, I was in Munich for two days shooting with Joy magazine. They asked me, if I would be interested in shooting their Denim editorial and what can I say? Yes, of course!!! I really can’t wait to see the final 8 (OMG!) sites in the September issue. After that it was about time to pack my suitcase for Lisbon, Berlin and Barcelona. It was my first time in Lisbon and I really really liked it there. It’s such a cute city with an inspirational vibe. If you are looking for nice breakfast spots, I can definitely recommend the “Heim Café” and “Fauna & Flora” – I was in food heaven and it is definitely not pricy :) We walked around a lot and I found this cute door on our way to breakfast. Of course I had to stop and take some pictures with my surprisingly not so sleepy face haha. Later that day we decided to do a city tour by TukTuk. It was so so cool, the 90 mins were amazing. We got so many personal insights and local tipps from our guide John, I can also recommend to do a tour like this.

In fact Lisbon is build on 7 hills, walking everywhere can be super exhausting. Not kidding! I love to walk and explore new places, but with 34 degrees, it was way to hot to do this all day haha. Unfortunately 3 days were way to short and I have stillt some things to do there on my bucket list, I will plan to go there again. Maybe later this year, when the temperatures dropped a little bit!

Have a nice weekend <3 xx Janina