Broken Hearts

18:03 | November 10, 2017

sweater: YSL (shop here) / jeans: Mango (shop here) / coat: EDITED / shoes: Isabel Marant (shop here) / bag: YSL (shop here) *ad-links

Hi Loves, how are you today? My eyes are recovering pretty well. I am using a looot of eye drops against dry eyes, because I am sitting in front of my laptop and my cell phone for too long every day. I know that haha! Unfortunately the weather sucks these days and we don’t have this beautiful blue sky, but do you know what? I am flying to the Canary Islands next week. I will be on Lanzarote for almost one week and I can’t wait for the sun, the sea and especially the beaches <3 I wish you all a lovely Friday night, xx Janina.


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