Balenciaga Triple S

17:52 | March 20, 2018

jacket: Mango / turtle neck: NAKD / jeans: Zara / bag: Chanel / shoes: Balenciaga

Hi Peeps! I hope you are doing well. Today is the begin of spring, so I couldn’t be more happy. I really wish, that the cold winter days are finally over now. We were super lucky in Hamburg the last two days, we had lots of sunshine. Unfortunately it was still super cold outside, with the typical freezing wind, but hey – I love the sun in my face! I was totally in the mood for my leather jacket, so I decided to go for several layers – actually two turtle necks, one slimmer one and this chunky blue one on top. It was perfect :) Oh and I wore my Balenciagas for the first time. As I told you they are a little bit to big for me, but I am so in love that I went for an extra insole and now it’s fine. Haha Anita said, well they are super ugly, but super cool at the same time. I think she is definitely right, what do you think?

Oh I totally forgot to tell you that I was in London for two days. I spent last Friday and Saturday there and celebrated the capsule collection from Reserved x Cindy Crawford. I had such a great time there – oh my, I have to go back to London during spring/summer. We had lots of snow on Saturday and I am so ready for warmer days! Which reminds me that today in 3 weeks I am off to LA – finally! I miss this place like crazy <3


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